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Hi, I’m Tim. I help create elegant online experiences.

I'm currently working on large-scale SaaS products for world-class clients in the areas of finance, manufacturing and life sciences.

20+ years experience in development and design

Helping brands large and small succeed digitally and in product

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What I do

How I make a difference

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User Experience

The user is our most important asset

Designing an experience that is tailored to specific personas is only possible with user engagement. I have led the design and implementation of premium bespoke user interfaces used by some of the world's largest brands, providing usable and accessible solutions.

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Digital Optimisation

From audiophiles to airlines, all businesses need happy customers

Applying 20 years of experience in building and optimising eCommerce platforms of all shapes and sizes, I have helped enable many brands to grow their customer base.

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Design Leadership

Getting products designed, at scale.

Designing alone can be efficient and fun. Scaling up to handle enterprise-level projects has led me to the application of DesignOps and leadership techniques.

Some words from people I have worked with


Mugshot photo of Molly Rice UXC

Tim is a pleasure to work with. Smart, insightful, great eye for detail and he’s one of those guys that really rolls up their sleeves and just gets things done. Tim helped us launch a great new website & e-commerce platform on plan and within budget, and he did it all with a big smile on his face. I would have no hesitation in recommending or working with Tim again.

Antony Price, Head of Flight Supply Strategy at Agoda

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Tim opened the door for me into the design world where he gave me all the tools, knowledge, support & opportunities that I needed to progress in my career. He cares as much about the success of his team just as much as he cares about the success of a project. Aside from being a brilliant designer & manager, Tim was an absolute pleasure to work with & I’d love the chance to work with him again.

Corin Pye, Product Designer at We Are Wildgoose

Mugshot photo of Molly Rice UXC

Tim took me on as an apprentice and supported my growth into an experienced UX designer by giving me the guidance and patience I needed. As well as creating a safe space to explore and develop new skills. He always listened to me, taking on board what I had to say, and working with him has given me the knowledge and confidence to be the best I can be. Tim’s inclusivity and accessibility-focused approach to user experience design is something every business needs.

Molly Rice UXC, UX/UI Designer at Remote

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